DJ East 137 Ends a DJ Residency That Lasted Almost Two Decades:  When DJ East 137 accepted the opportunity to fill in for DJ Red who was on his way to New York City to reside, he never expected to become the resident DJ at Chief Ike's Mambo Room for almost two decades.  Needless to say, a lot of history was created at the venue.  East 137 started to man the turntables at Ike's at around the same time NWA dropped their first album.  Interestingly enough the residency ended about the same time NWA's movie was wrapping up.  You do the math.  Throughout the years, East 137 heard and worked with the changes that music went through, saw many recording artists leave this world, and saw generations of party people pass through the club doors. Many memories were created, and for the most part, times were great.  East 137 says, "for a long time I had a recurring dream in which a technical problem would manifest with the sound system and before I could address the problem, the sun came out".  He continues to say, "I understand now that it was the inevitable closing day for the club that was being represented in the dream, I never wanted the weekend dance parties to stop, and I could have done it for much longer".  However, as East 137 said in "Book of Rhymes", "All good things come to an end, but there's plenty other good stuff right round the bend". Music videos shot at Cheif Ike's include "Emergency", and "Book of Rhymes".  "Emergency" begins in the kitchen that Will Smith ran through in "Enemy of the State:".






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July 2017: New Music-On Friday, July 28, 2017, DJ East 137 drops "Sum of the Times" on Hood Related Entertainment Records.  Video drops the same same day on the HRE website and Youtube.

January 2017: New Album-yet to be named- from Bronx native DJ East 137 Coming Summer 2017.

June 2016: Coming July 28, 2017, "Sum of the Time" by DJ East 137.  Summer just isn't summer without a release from this artist.  Hood Related Entertainment keeps them coming.  Stay tuned.

June 2016: DJ East 137 returns to the studio: The New York native, DMV related rapper DJ East 137 heads back to the Hood Related Studio in the next coming weeks  to work on his sophmore album which is yet to be named.  East 137 took a few weeks off from recording for what sources called "professional Development".  When has that ever been a bad thing?  Any how, East 137 is still himself.  If you've followed thus far, you know what is meant. 

April 2016: Available now "Simple" by DJ East 137. DJ East 137 . Lock the club doors, turn up the volume, this is an event.

March 2016:  New Media Department Expands.  Hood Related's® video production division arms itself with new generation media production tools that will level the field with "major" Competitors.  The creative staff will work closely to develop themes and visuals to dress the audio productions underway for summer 2016.

 March 2016:  We will Compete with the Major Labels. Despite fruitless communications with commercial radio.  Owner Ed Rivera declares that commercial radio air play is inevitable.  It's just a matter of who will break us first.

December 2016:  Hood Related® Entertainment proudly presents, from Brooklyn New York City, "SouthPaw".  Southpaw-on the left-joins forces with DJ East 137 in his debut single slated for release in late january 2016. Click here to preview the skills.

Friday January 12, 2018: The verdict is in.  The general consensus of DJ East 137's debut album "Detour Ahead" describes the work as "Old schooly feely", "Hard", "Direct", "Politically motivated", "Inciting", "Rebel rousing", and who knows what else.  One things for sure, main stream media would'nt touch it with a ten foot pole.  The apparant strongest reason for the standoff was that the mature sound exceeded the mainstream's popular age targets.  One thing's for sure, the charged lyrical discourse proved too much for the matrix.  Wonder what that means for DJ East 137's follow up work?  Follow DJ East 137 on Twitter to keep up with what's coming in 2018.  For now, one, possibly two singles are slated for release in June 2018.  The follow up album is slated for release in September 2018.